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Great Geysers

Get busy with the fizzy

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    Geyser shooting from a coke bottle
    Despite what you might think, this isn’t a collection of East London’s most respected gentlemen. No, Great Geysers is actually a step-by-step guide to building your own fizzy pop fountains, dancing noodles and frothing concoctions.

    Learn how to make a spectacular geyser up to 25 feet high using ordinary household pop – and the science behind this world-famous experiment. Plus, perform over a dozen other exciting reactions that’ll fizz, froth and foam – all with fizzy drinks.

    This complete kit takes children on a bubbly journey of discovery as they study the science behind soda, the history of fizzy drinks and even the anatomy of a burp. Watch them make remarkable discoveries and one heck of a mess in the process!

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