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Gratings Cards

Tell it like it is

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    Gratings Cards
    Don't you just hate the vast majority of greeting cards? Most are either pathetically quaint or plain boring. Then there are the ones that are supposed to be funny. But they're not, are they? Crummy puns, pitiful rhymes and asinine alliteration added as an afterthought. And when it comes to risqué humour - puh-lease! Most of 'em are about as shocking as an episode of ChuckleVision.

    This is why we were pleasantly surprised, nay utterly shocked, by Grating Cards. These highly amusing cards are guaranteed to shock and amuse, because despite the traditionally twee photography, the messages they carry are, erm - how can we put this? - rather blunt.

    Gratings Cards Gratings Cards Gratings Cards

    "You smell like a**e"

    "I give it three months

    "I'm stalking you"

    It's this amusing juxtaposition of cutesy imagery and brutally honest text that makes Grating Cards so side-splittingly hilarious. Indeed to quote the manufacturer's mission statement: "Nothing says I love you more than a hot cup of tea in the face." Aw, bless.

    Gratings Cards

    To the happy couple...

    Available in an assorted pack of six, these cardboard bombshells range from jaw-droppingly insensitive to utterly shocking. From "Your baby is ugly" to "I've been cheating on you," there's a Grating Card for almost every occasion. And that's just as well seeing as greeting card giants seem intent on forcing us to celebrate hundreds of hitherto unheard of events - 'Happy Pension Day Grandma' etc.

    Gratings Cards Gratings Cards Gratings Cards

    "You're a c**t"

    "Your baby is ugly"

    "I've been cheating on you"

    Our favourite Grating Card succinctly insults the recipient using a teddy and a short sentence incorporating a word that begins with the third letter of the alphabet and ends with the twentieth. And it's not 'clot'.

    Grating Cards are ideal for telling it like it is without having to face the person in question. They are also perfect for insulting your mates/enemies, or simply sending for a giggle. So don't bite your tongue any longer, get ordering and tell 'em what you really think.

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