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    The 'special' kind...

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      Games Magazine - the bible of all things card, dice and playing-piece related - voted Grass as one of their top games for seven years in a row following the game's debut in 1980. It disappeared for a while, but now its card-based pleasures are available for all to enjoy. The object is to hoard $250,000 worth of weed, while at the same time stopping your co-dealers from doing the same. You have the power to do both, thanks to the presence of both helping and hindering cards in the double deck of smartly decorated cards.

      Once you have learned what the different cards do (which takes a couple of games, in our experience), Grass quickly shows its true colours. Strategy, forward planning and deliberate ruining of other players' chances are the order of the day. The beauty of the game is that it can last anything from one to ten rounds of play. Get Dr Feelgood's $100,000 Peddle - the most prized strain of plant and rarest card available - and you can clean up immediately. If you're not ruined by the person on your left, that is. Of course, this excellent trading and opponent-scuppering game could have been made with any kind of marketable commodity apart from its chosen crop, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Game of 'Cheese' anyone? Exactly...

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