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Graphic Pencils
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Graphic Pencils

Putting it bluntly

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Grasp the indisputable power of the pencil
  • Goodbye 'Staedtler' hello 'I like bitches'
  • Three different and expressive sets to choose from


Pencils. Analogue writing wands bringing us back into our evolutionary comfort zone. Our brains were never supposed to type stuff up – we were always destined to scrawl enthusiastically on cave walls and withered scrolls of papyri.

There's a childhood wistfulness about pencils, a freedom, an inherent power they possess. It's the hand-eye coordination, the enduring cycle of blunting and sharpening, the connection with the paper, the scratchiness, the smudges, the smears and the opportunity to erase it all. Pencils are just ace.

Well, Graphic Pencils are here to add an understated and light-hearted twist to this forgotten medium. Now you can scribble down your ideas with a wry smile on your face. F*ck, Yeah!

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