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Grammar: Know Your Sh*t or Know You're Sh*t

Don't let the errorists win

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Grammar: Know Your Sh*t or Know You're Sh*t
Love it as much as we do?
  • ‘Let’s eat Grandma’ OR ‘Let’s eat, Grandma’
  • Includes common misspellings, proper punctuation use, applying the right tense etc.
  • Guaranteed to turn you into a fully-fledged grammar führer
Its finally here and we just know your going to love it! what we would have said if we hadn't already dipped into Grammar: Know Your Sh*t or Know You're Sh*t.

This entertaining yet informative book is crammed full of bite-sized tips and advice on all things grammar; covering the usual punctuation crimes, common misspellings, and how to make sure you're applying the right tense.

By the time you've finished, you'll either know your sh*t or know you're sh*t.

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  • "given to my step-daughter's boyfriend because his grammar could be improved, my wife (a proof reader) also wants one!"
    David - 3rd of January, 2018