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Gourmet Scratch Map
  • Gourmet Scratch Map
  • Gourmet Scratch Map
  • Gourmet Scratch Map

Gourmet Scratch Map

A Culinary Odyssey

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  • Eat your way across Europe
  • Show off your adventurous and well-travelled palate
  • Features 130 well-chosen continental delicacies
  • Scratch away the white foil to reveal the dishes you've gobbled
  • Become a greedy globe-trotting glutton


We've all got a hunger for travelling, but we don't all possess the immense riches required to explore that massive globe of ours. The Gourmet Scratch Map is your chance to eat your way around the world and show off your highly cultured and adventurous palate.

Europe is a bountiful buffet; rich with culinary delicacies waiting to be savoured. This vast typographic map features 130 well-chosen dishes – everything from the Slovakian "Bryndzove Halusky" to the Swedish "Saffranspannkaka." Just use the simple key to select one that sounds intriguing, head online for the full recipe and then go on your own exciting voyage to the supermarket or a luxurious local eatery.

Once you've consumed this continental feast, scratch away the white foil to reveal the vibrant colours beneath. In no time you'll become a greedy globe-trotting glutton and this smart monochrome poster will be transformed into a rich tapestry, worthy of your well-travelled taste-buds.

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