Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones
  • Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones

Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones

Make a right Ramsey of your Rover

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    Now, we don’t want it to sound like sour grapes, but with Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones your pet pooch may well be dining better than we are! But never mind – while we commiserate ourselves with a bowl of chum, take a look at these incredible flavour-infused rubber treats.

    Designed for small to medium-sized dogs, Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones are ideal for strengthening and cleaning their teeth. And with flavours as irresistible as Pheasant, Stilton, Venison and Duck they won’t want to leave them alone!

    Pheasant Duck Stilton Venison

    I am Pheasant and Duck

    I am Stilton and Venison

    What’s more, these rich flavours will last the life of the bone, so your pampered pooch will be chewing these long after those other soggy dog treats have gone the way of the Prawn Cocktail. Buon appetito, Fido!

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