Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws
  • Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws

Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws


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    Ben enjoying a Magic Milk Straw

    Turn your milk into a milkshake

    Everyone loves milk! Actually, that’s not true. But everyone should, because it’s naturally rich in calcium, protein, potassium and all sorts of other useful vitamins and minerals.

    However, some people just don’t find the white stuff exciting enough. It simply doesn’t compare to all those brightly coloured fizzy pops, with their jazzy labels and ladles of sugar. We’re talking about kids, of course (who did you think we were talking about?). But there is a way to make sure your little ones get a healthy serving of milk every day, without spooning in bucketloads of syrupy flavoured glop. How? Just break out the Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws.

    Low in sugar, with natural flavours and no preservatives whatsoever, these clever drinking straws are packed with flavoured beads. Just pop one in a glass of milk and give it a suck. As the milk is drawn up the straw and through the beads, it’s infused with one of several scrumptious flavours that kids (and grown-ups) will love. So by the time it reaches your mush it’s as rich and flavoursome as any milkshake.

    Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws

    Flavours available (From L-R): Chocolate & Peanut Butter,
    Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana & Strawberry

    Choose from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana and strawberry, cookies and cream or chocolate and peanut butter. Magic Milk Straws are completely self-contained so there’s no sticky mess to tidy up afterwards. Just use them once and throw them away – or better yet, recycle them!

    Since they don’t need to be refrigerated, Magic Milk Straws are ideal for throwing into a backpack or lunchbox until they’re needed. So forget those tooth-melting fizzy drinks and enjoy some of the natural goodness of milk, wherever you are. Mmm... calcium-nom-nom.
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