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Gorillapod Switchback
  • Gorillapod Switchback

Gorillapod Switchback

Transforming table lamp

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    Light on the tripod legs

    Flexible stand

    Winner of 2011’s prestigious Red Dot Design award, the Gorillapod Switchback transforms from a table lamp to a head torch in flash – and even manages to look great along the way.

    The carefully-considered lamp is compact enough to fit into any bag or coat pocket. When night falls, simply pull up the diffuser (with super-efficient holographic lens) and switch it on at the base. With six brightness settings, the five LED array will provide as little, or as much, ambient light as you need. Perfect for lighting up every corner of your tent, or reading, playing cards and telling ghosts stories under the stars. But it’s when you need to troop off into the darkness that this ingenious piece of kit comes into its own.


    Head torch too!

    Removing the LED array from the diffuser reveals that it’s actually a cleverly-designed head torch. Strap it to your head and you can adjust the angle of light through almost ninety degrees – great for reading in the dark, or lighting up where you’re walking. The array has two angled, white LEDs for a widely-cast floodlight effect. Alternatively, a separate pair of red LEDs lets you walk around in the dark without sacrificing your natural night-vision. Or flick on the one incredibly bright (130 lumens) CREE® XLamp® XP-G LED for a powerful, focussed spotlight beam.

    Showing the Gorilla Switchback closed and compact

    Compact and lightweight

    Most impressive of all though, is that just two AA batteries will power the Gorillapod Switchback for up to seventy-two hours, either as a table lamp or as a headtorch. With all these features and stylish looks it’s a must-have for any discerning adventurer – not to mention mechanics, budding DJs, or reading under the duvet!

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