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Goose Island Sodas

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    orange label

    Sweet... Orange Cream Soda!

    Ever wondered what it is that gives our US cousins their famous get-up-and-go spirit? Well a small part is down to Goose Island Sodas, or drinks just like them. No, they’re not pumped with artificial stimulants – in fact they’re naturally caffeine-free. But Orange Cream Soda and Root Beer are timeless icons of Americana, just like whitewashed picket fences, college football and ticker tape parades.

    root beer label

    Classic American Root Beer

    And it’s this rich imagery that makes your average Yank want to give a ‘Yee-ha!’ and high-five the moon with pride. Just take a sip of these rich and creamy sodas (or fizzy pops, as we like to call them) and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Brewed in the same way for decades and packaged in iconic 4-bottle carriers, they’re a great way to celebrate that small and humble nation across the Atlantic. Now, where in Sam Hill did we put that Stetson...
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