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Golf Logic

    Golf Logic

    Fore a hassle-free 18 holes

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      There you are, having the round of your life when something seemingly insignificant becomes a major issue, which you can do without when the spirit of Greg Norman is in control of your game. Like being able to clean club faces, or filling in the scorecard when your pen is running out. Tiny irritations like that can make a huge difference.

      With a Tool Logic Golf in one the pockets of your golf bag, the little things will never get in the way. The clever component is the divot tool, which acts as a grip rest (to keep your club dry on wet days) and a tool to clean the grooves in club faces as well as performing its main function of repairing damage to greens.

      There’s also a tough retractable brush for general kit cleanage, plus a biro and a ball marker fashioned in the dimpled, golf ball style. So there you have it – the fiddly extras of golf collated in a smart-looking, durable case. What more do you want, something to improve your game? There’s no substitute for practice, we’re afraid...

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