Golf Chipping Net
  • Golf Chipping Net

Golf Chipping Net

Pop out for some chips

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    Chipping the golf ball into the target

    Practise makes perfect!

    Having trouble getting to the golf course? You’re not the only one. With so much going on these days there never seems enough time to play a few holes. But don’t lose heart (or that well-earned handicap) – the Golf Chipping Net lets you keep your eye in, even if you’re in the garden.

    Simple to set up, this circular net will have you knocking balls about in no time. The centre of the target has a netted pocket, so you’ll know straight away if you’ve scored a direct hit. It’s great fun, and totally infuriating in equal measure, but rest assured after a few chips you’ll be hooked!

    Removing the elastic Expanding the net clipping the target pouches

    Remove the elastic

    Expand the net

    Clip the target pouches

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