Golden Tee Golf Game

    Golden Tee Golf Game

    The tee's knees!

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      Playing golf on the telly's brilliant. Not literally, of course - all your ornaments would fall off. We're talking video games. But how can whacking a ball around a succession of fancy fields be as thrilling as blasting aliens, winning the World Cup or decapitating the living dead?

      Golden Tee Golf Quite easily, because although golf isn't the most action-packed game going, it's definitely one of the most addictive. And that's probably why Golden Tee Golf remains one of the most enduring arcade games of all time. This ultra-compelling sports sim is unique because players use a trackball to control the power and distance of each swing. This adds an element of physical skill that many button-bashing games lack.

      But how do you get your graphics-based golf fix without hitting the pub or risking life and limb down the local arcade? Simple, you buy this fantastic plug 'n' play version of Golden Tee Golf.

      Golden Tee Golf
      Golden Tee Golf Just like the arcade classic, this nifty self-contained unit features an ultra-responsive trackball and chunky buttons. The only thing missing is the coffin-sized cabinet covered in fag burns and graffiti - not a good look in any living room.

      Golden Tee Golf The idea is to roll the trackball and hit the directional buttons to control the power and path of your swing. Simply select a mode (18-Hole, Tournament, Matchplay or Driving Range), choose a club and tee off. Sounds easy, but it requires real finesse to pull off the perfect shot, especially as each hole features hazards galore. Glorious graphics add to the experience and information such as wind direction, distance and par is displayed on screen. There's even a backspin button for all you wannabe Tigers out there.

      Golden Tee Golf We really can't stress just how riveting this nifty little box of tricks is. You'll be completely obsessed before you can shout 'Fore!' It's the tee's knees!

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