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Gold Leaf Chocolate
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Gold Leaf Chocolate

Bling-bling choccy bar

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    £10 off! Chocolate and gold are two of life's greatest pleasures, synonymous with luxury and decadence. So it's a bit surprising that nobody has ever thought to combine the two. Well okay, they have, but those choccies that the ambassador's been spoiling us with for years are only wrapped in gold foil. And Willy Wonka only managed to shoehorn five golden tickets into his Wonkabars.

    The point is you can't actually buy anything that combines real chocolate with real gold, can you? Well yes, actually you can, and it's available right here at Firebox.
    Gold Leaf Chocolate
    Taking luxury confectionery to new levels of extravagance, Gold Chocolate is exactly that: chocolate coated with a gleaming layer of edible 22 carat gold leaf. That's right, each beautifully packaged bar of this delicious 73% cocoa chocolate has had a wafer-thin coating of gold applied to its mouth-watering frontage.

    Just think, those bling-bling rappers might be wearing tons of the stuff but you could be eating it - how's that for sheer self-indulgence? And there's something particularly satisfying about munching on a sheet of precious metal mixed with a bit of chocolate. In fact, many connoisseurs believe that gold has therapeutic qualities when consumed. In the past, the Chinese chomped gold as an elixir of life (anti-ageing agent). And in Europe, gold was taken as a special cure for spleen infections. It was thought that gold raises the body's metabolism by promoting smooth blood circulation. Even today, in certain parts of the world, it is used to treat tuberculosis and rheumatism.

    Gold Leaf Chocolate Although you can't hang it around your neck or force it through your earlobes Gold Chocolate makes a perfect present for loved ones, and it's sure to earn you infinitely more brownie points than a box of hastily-purchased petrol station choccies.

    There's gold in this here Firebox, but Gold Chocolate is strictly limited edition, so we strongly suggest you order yours before the gold rush turns into a stampede.

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