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Gold Glitter Food Lovers Cracker
  • Gold Glitter Food Lovers Cracker

Gold Glitter Food Lovers Cracker

We wish you a merry kitchen

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    Contents of one of the crackers

    Star-shaped ice maker,
    jokes and a hat!

    ‘Oh, look at that. I won a tiny comb...’ We’re all used to pulling crackers over Christmas Lunch. But it’s become normal to expect absolutely naff presents inside them. Well baubles to that! Dish out the Gold Glitter Food Lovers Crackers instead and your guests will receive 1 of 6 actually-quite-handy bits of kitchen kit.

    Sure, we’re not talking espresso machines and hand blenders, but these elegantly designed crackers contain a variety of traditional (and not-so traditional) utensils: a star-shaped ice cube tray, wooden honey spoon, wooden lemon juicer, metal tea strainer and shot glass. That’s got to be better than a bad joke and a miniature nail-file!

    But don’t worry if you’re actually quite partial to a bad joke and (of course) festive paper headgear – each cracker contains those as well. Now, who’s for a nice honey and lemon tea?

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