Gold Flakes Sake
  • Gold Flakes Sake
  • Gold Flakes Sake

Gold Flakes Sake

As good as gold

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  • A silky smooth sake laden with glistening golden flakes
  • Beautiful frosted 720ml bottle, just giving a hint of what's inside
  • Like Goldschläger, only without the terrible cinnamon taste
  • Gorgeous golden floral display box
  • A luxurious libation, worthy of King Midas himself


There's something undeniably alluring about a drink that's infused with elegant flakes of gold. Little shimmering specks suspended in the spirit, tumbling over one another like precious autumn leaves. We'd like to introduce you to a luxurious libation worthy of King Midas himself – Gold Flakes Sake

Housed in a beautiful frosted glass bottle that allows the floating flakes to occasionally catch the light, offering a subtle glimpse of the sparkling snowstorm that lies inside.

Possessing all of the hypnotic glistening of Goldschläger without any of those overpowering cinnamon flavours; knock back this silky smooth sake and revel in the booze-drenched gold. It tastes as good as it looks.

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