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Prey for Keeps

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  • The hectic reaction game that unleashes your inner predator
  • Test your reflexes – use your hands to attack or protect yourself
  • Strike when the colours match, the last player with cards wins
  • Takes 15 minutes to play – but you'll want to play again and again
A chameleon, a mosquito, a snake and a gorilla all walk into a bar – chaos ensues. This is essentially the frenzied setting for Gobbit, a hectic card game that unleashes your inner predator.

Requiring a cunning sense of observation, serious concentration and lightning reflexes; you've got to use your hands to attack and protect yourself, spotting your prey whilst keeping an eye out for your own predators – the last player with cards remaining wins.

The cards depict three animals in three different colours, and they feast on each other depending on their colour and place in the food chain. The chameleon devours the mosquito and the snake gobbles up the chameleon; the mighty gorilla is a bit of a wildcard and it kills all of the other animals, sending them to the graveyard. If mosquitoes of all three colours happen to be in play then everyone must race to the graveyard or risk losing all of their cards.

This is just a taster though, there are heaps of other exciting twists and infusions to spice up the play. So get your hands on this lively party card game and prepare to let loose your merciless predatory instincts.

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