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GoPad Atari Asteroids
  • GoPad Atari Asteroids

GoPad Atari Asteroids

Blast from the past

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    GoPad Atari Asteroids

    Flip out game Pad

    If your clunky laptop keyboard isn’t quite delivering the gaming experience you’re looking for, plug in the GoPad. This remarkable folding gizmo is small enough to carry in your pocket, but with a satisfying click, transforms into a fully functional USB gaming pad.
    GoPad Atari Asteroids

    Tiny clamshell design!

    The compact design features a two-axis directional-pad, four action buttons, four shoulder buttons and turbo on/off buttons to take full control of those pesky pixels. While the GoPad is both MAC and PC compatible, PC users will also find 80’s arcade classic Asteroids bundled into the bargain. Ah, who needs graphics?

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