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Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy
  • Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy

Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy

Take cover

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    Protect yourself from the elements with the portable Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy. Light enough to be carried with ease (at only fifteen pounds), this thirty-six square foot shelter can be folded down by one person to occupy a mere one cubic foot of backpack space. The ergonomically padded backpack also features extra pockets for your extra bits and pieces.

    Side pockets Walking with the Back Pack on Back Pack opened revealing the canopy inside

    Side pockets

    Find a good spot...

    Open and pull-out the canopy...

    Whether you’re taking time out from tanning on the beach, or just keeping the drizzle off your fishing tackle, this is an ideal multipurpose canopy that you can assemble anywhere in a flash.

    The canopies

    (From L-R) Blue and Lime colours available

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