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Go De Rass To Sleep

Jamaican me sleepy

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  • Send your child off to sleep with soothing Jamaican patois
  • Wind down with sweary and light-hearted Rasta rhymes
  • Beautifully illustrated hardback edition
  • The perfect gift for expecting parents
  • Global phenomenon – endorsed by Shaggy no less
You can try to wear them out during the day, cradle them gently in your arms or read them a story but at the end of the day, when it comes to bedtime, children are an unpredictable and volatile force. The moment you put down that book they spring to life, begging for more tales of adventure, craving your attention long into the small hours.

Painful bloodshot eyes? Permanent dark circles? Feeling like you've tried everything? It's time to break out the Jamaican patois – no accent commands more authority whist also being so damned soothing. Go De Rass To Sleep is the Jamaican translation of the international best seller Go the F*ck to Sleep, relied upon by exhausted parents the world over to remedy those sleepless nights.

Send your children gently off into dreamland with these profane and playful rasta rhymes, they're even written phonetically so you'll sound legitimately Jamaican!

Mi done.

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