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    Go-Co Chocolate

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      At one time or another we've all felt the pinch of too much booze and too little sleep. There you are, hunched over your desk at half ten in the morning, trying to figure out how you're going to make it through the day, let alone convince your boss that the eleven cups of coffee you've already quaffed are symptomatic, not of the mother of all hangovers, but simply a desire to be a more efficient member of the workforce. That urgent report needs writing and it just won't wait until tomorrow, but you're in no fit state to scrawl a shopping list, never mind a crucial planning document.

      Go-Co Chocolate This is most definitely not the sort of situation we want you to find yourself in, so itÂ’s with a fair degree of smugness on our part, that we introduce the elixir of infinite energy. Well, actually it's more the chocolate bar of augmented energy, but elixir and infinite are words we're keen to shoehorn into any sentence man enough to take them. Just one bar of Go-Co rams home a flotilla of Guarana, equivalent to around two and a half cans of clubberÂ’s standby, Red Bull, meaning that when your pep is low, a quick chomp of Guarana-infused Go-Co will put enough lead in your pencil to poison thirteen Jack Russells.

      Go-Co Chocolate Guarana, for the uninitiated, is a natural substance that contains several times the caffeine levels of coffee. ItÂ’s a stimulant and is often used by athletes to restore their energy levels more quickly. It's also used in the health food industry as a weight loss agent and smoking cessation aid.

      Go-Co Chocolate Go-Co, while essentially a milk chocolate bar, does have a slightly bitter aftertaste, so it's not the sort of confectionary treat that's likely to become the darling of tuck shops the nation over. This is chocolate for real men; men with ambition and drive; men headed straight for the top in their chosen profession, but also men who don't have the time for sleep, proper nutrition, or for explaining the traces of white powder on their upper lip after a quick lunchtime dash to the toilet...

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