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Glow in the Dark Loo Roll
  • Glow in the Dark Loo Roll

Glow in the Dark Loo Roll

Bog standard? No way!

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    We’re not entirely sure why anyone would sit on the loo in total darkness but we’re told it happens all the time. Whatever. All we know is the botty wiping business could do with a bit of a boost. Enter, with a parp-tastic fanfare, Glow in the Dark Loo Roll.

    Ideal for cleaning up things that go dump in the night, this deeply ridiculous toilet tissue will cast its funky green glow across the bathroom, freeing desperate guests and over-refreshed toilet-goers from that awkward pants-round-the-ankles search routine in the dead of night. (‘Sorry sock, looks like it’s down to you…again’).

    Indeed, so long as it receives sufficient light during the day, Glow in the Dark Loo Roll should illuminate the immediate area enough to render switching on the light unnecessary. You can even pretend you’re dropping off Mr Brown and co aboard the Starship Enterprise. If you’re bonkers. Now wash your hands.

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