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Colourful characters

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Please Note:
Unfortunately the price on page 41 of our Winter catalogue is incorrect. Glow Pets are now £22.95, as they are a new model. The good news is you now get to choose your animal and they now come with a mains adapter and rechargable battery. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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    Glow Pets

    Adorable rabbit

    When it comes to a few of our favourite things, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens have got nothing on Glow Pets. And that's because these adorable glowing creatures are the cutest ikkle things we've ever seen. Bambi who?

    Ideal for adding a comforting glow to kids' bedrooms, Glow Pets gently phase though a kaleidoscope of soothing colours, gradually mesmerising sleepyheads into boboland. Moulded in milky white plastic with movable, felt-coated limbs, these impossibly cuddlesome critters are set to become bedside favourites for kids and soppy adults across the land.

    Did we say adults? Yes, we did, because the makers have been good (not to mention leftfield) enough to magnetise each Glow Pet's paws, so all you grown-ups can justify putting one on your desk by pretending you're using it to hold paper clips. Who's a silly billy!

    Glow Pets

    Cute cat

    There are three different Glow Pets to collect: Rabbit, Elephant and Kitten. Why not buy all three and set up your very own multi-coloured menagerie? Each battery-operated creature is so cute you'll feel your heart strings twang every time you nod off. In fact, you'll want to stroke those felty tactile arms and legs the second you open the box. Baby animals that glow - what's not to like?

    Glow Pets

    Lovable elephant

    As well as making great companions for kids (or grown-ups) who are afraid of the dark, Glow Pets are sure to enchant anyone who's ever dreamt of owning a colour-changing pet with magnetised mitts but couldn't face visiting that pet shop next to the nuclear power plant. And that means everyone, doesn't it? Awww, cute!

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