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Glow Graffiti

Light in a can!

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    Spray away, with Glow Graffiti

    Spray away :)

    Put away your paints, step away from the brick wall, chuck the bandana and prepare to be astounded by Glow Graffiti. Gobsmackingly impressive, this revolutionary product lets you release your inner vandal and ‘spray’ glowing designs of pure light onto a sheet of special material. It’s 100% safe – no chemicals, paints or ASBOs. Just dim the lights and spray away. Staggering!

    Making the best efforts of Banksy look about as cutting-edge as a willy scrawled on a loo door, Glow Graffiti consists of an aerosol-style can and a sheet of light-sensitive material. But wait, the can is actually a mini projector that utilises a superbright ultraviolet LED to ‘spray’ images onto the sheet.

    How to use Glow Graffiti

    Put up your light sensitive sheet
    in the dark!

    Now freestyle with the UV light can...

    or try some stencil work!

    Glow Graffiti

    UV light

    For some unfathomable reason the sheet reacts to the stream of light to produce temporary glowing images precisely where you’ve sprayed ‘em. It really is an illusion of Copperfieldian brilliance.

    Still scratching your bonce? You should be because Glow Graffiti is guaranteed to keep onlookers befuddled for hours. We’ve been spraying away for yonks and we still haven’t fully grasped how it works. All we know is that it’s like being armed with a futuristic can of liquid light. Or something like that.

    Glow Graffiti shadow puppets!

    Create shadow puppet tags!

    The best thing about Glow Graffiti is that you can use it over and over again. Each image fades after about 30 seconds, so wannabe doodlers can spray away endlessly. Crack this out at a party and it’ll be a smash. Or why not mount the sheet on a wall and use it vent your artistic frustrations after dark. It’s impossible to resist.

    Whether you’re squirting your tag, scribbling obscenities or attempting to draw a luminescent bratwurst mounted on two tomatoes, the possibilities are endless. We’ll even throw in some cool stencils to get you started. If you still haven’t seen the light, consider this – Glow Graffiti is the most fun you can have in the dark without taking your socks off. Word!

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