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Glow Flow Tap
  • Glow Flow Tap

Glow Flow Tap

Glow with the flow

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    Glow Flow Tap

    Impressive in the dark!

    Running the tap is pretty dull, isn't it? You turn the handle and water runs out. Whoopee-doo! But what if your tap could spew water that looked like radioactive mouthwash or alien blood? It can if you buy a Glow Flow Tap.

    Glow Flow Tap

    Red = Hot!

    Totally bonkers but strangely practical, this neat little gizmo uses internal LEDs and a temperature sensor to turn water either blue or red. When the water is cold the Glow Flow illuminates the stream in a cool electric blue; when it's hot (32 degrees and above) it changes to a warm red. So as well as looking pretty phantasmagorical, the Glow Flow serves as a handy temperature indicator to help prevent kids scalding themselves.
    Good, eh!

    Easy to install:

    Glow Flow Tap

    Remove your existing aerator and check to see if you need a Universal Adapter
    (2 included)

    Add the Wire Screen (facing up) to the White Ring...

    then screw in the Glow Flow Tap!

    Glow Flow Tap

    The chrome Glow Flow Tap

    But let's not kid ourselves, folks; safety aside, the real purpose of this weird and wonderful gadget is to add a splash (see what we've done there?) of sci-fi chic to kitchens and bathrooms. Turn the lights off and you could be in Buck Rogers' loo or Flash Gordon's kitchen. Quite why intergalactic heroes would have luminescent tap water is unclear but you get the idea.

    Glow Flow Tap

    Revealing the technology!

    Finished in gleaming chrome, the Glow Flow Tap is easy-peasy to fit. It screws on to virtually any tap via the included universal adaptors. No plumber required. We'll even throw in a set of batteries. And you needn't worry about on/off switches because the whole thing is activated by water pressure.

    If you've got kids the Glow Flow Tap is brilliant because as well as warning the little blighters when the water is too hot, it will encourage them to wash their hands and brush their teeth. After all, who wouldn't want to thrust their toothbrush into a stream of shimmering electric blue water. And if you haven't got kids you can simply gaze at that colourful stream and pretend you're doing the washing up for Mr Spock. Pass the cyber tea towel.


    Glow Flow Tap

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