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Global Secret Santa
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Global Secret Santa

Give and ye shall receive

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    Fancy playing Secret Santa? Course you do. But why waste time trading tat with the same people you see every day when you can go global and help Firebox set a NEW WORLD RECORD for the biggest Secret Santa in history!

    Global Secret Santa

    Choose a gift from our spectacular range of Secret Santa products.

    Add a personal message for the lucky recipient. Be nice!

    We deliver your gift straight to a mystery recipient; and likewise, a gift from another participant to you!

    To take part simply choose a pressie from our spectacular range of Secret Santa products and add your own personal message. Our team of elves will then deliver it to another random participant of the Global Secret Santa somewhere in the world.

    The recipient of your gift could be a bloke in Bhutan, a granny in Guinea or a babe in Bolton. Before you can sing ‘while shepherds washed their socks’ you’ll receive a mystery gift straight back at ya from another participant of the Global Secret Santa phenomenon.

    Unlike Secret Santa in the office, not only are you guaranteed to get a gift back in return, but because the gift is from Firebox it’s certain to be brilliant. So c’mon and spread the love. ‘Tis the season to go global!

    Choose from the following gifts:

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    Screaming Flying Monkey
    Pull back this mental monkey's elasticated arms and watch him fly through the air, screeching.

    Chocolate Ants
    Ants in your pants? Pah! Eat a couple of deliciously different Chocolate Ants and you'll have them in your hands, mouth and entire digestive system!

    Striker LED Mine Tourch
    Shed light on any scenario, no matter how fiddly, with this magnetic torch that can aim its intensely bright beam at almost any angle.

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    Key Bottle Opener
    This Key Bottle Opener from intriguingly-titled designers Suck UK guarantees entry into any beer bottle. The key to happiness!

    Wind away pesky cables with this wearable magnetic tidy. It’s brilliantly simple and simply brilliant.

    Plop Trumps
    Find out if emu poo is yuckier than horse dung in this ploptastic take on the famous card game of one-upmanship.

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    Thinking Putty
    The ultimate colour-changing stress reliever. Stretch it, squish it, mould it, tear it, pop it and shatter it. Amazing!

    Eggling (Basil)
    Simply crack the ceramic shell open, add water to the pre-sown fortified peat mixture and before long you'll have a desktop plant to be proud of!

    Airfix Classics (British Infantry)
    Perfect re-issues of Airfix’s classic 1:32 scale ultra-realistic little plastic military figures. Atten-shun!

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit
    Keep beloved touch screen gizmos gunk-free with this revolutionary ‘wet cleaning’ system.

    Crap Trumps
    Why deal with Ferraris and Lambos when you can compare complete rustbuckets and comedy jalopies? The card game that revels in tat!

    Giant Microbe (MRSA)
    You won't know whether to say 'aah' or 'argh!' when you're hugging a Microbe, because this cuddly critter is modelled on MRSA. It's a super-bug!

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    Blooming Decorations
    Deck the halls with eco-friendly Christmas decorations embedded with seeds. Simply plant after use and they grow into gorgeous wildflowers. Hark!

    Bungee Bird Feeder
    Guaranteed to get the neighbours talking and the wildlife squawking, hang him from a branch and watch as he gets pecked to pieces!

    Underwater Disco Light
    This mesmerising floating gizmo projects a barrage of psychedelic lights onto the bottom and sides of your bath. Strike a pose!

    Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa Global Secret Santa

    Nite Glowring
    Clever chemistry, batteryless, no-maintenance light source that glows for up to a decade. Illuminating!

    Utterly infantile pencil sharpener involving a cat with a raised tail and a litter tray to catch the shavings. Guess where the pencil goes? Meow!

    Cube World (Slam and Grinder)
    The pixellated inhabitants of Cube World are interactive virtual people, and they can even jump from cube to cube and play together when connected.

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