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Glo Gnomes

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    Gnomes are making a comeback. And we should know because we've just received a big shipment of the beardy little blighters. Of course Firebox being Firebox, these are no ordinary gnomes - they're Glo Gnomes!

    Glo Gnomes

    Fade mode

    Glo Gnomes are, as their name suggests, gnomes that glow. Designed for indoor use, they have two different lighting modes, constant or fade in/fade out. The idea is to place these enchanted 6" beings by your desk, bed, or subterranean hoard of gold and watch in wonder as they add glowing ambience and a touch of whimsy to your day.

    Impossibly cute, each battery-operated gnome is clutching a toadstool and wearing a pointy hat. Don't ask why. It's what gnomes do. In fact, following exhaustive research, we now know everything there is to know about these mythical creatures. Most of it's pretty dull, apart from the fact the gnome king is called Gob in some traditions. See? We do the hard work so you don't have to.

    Glo Gnomes
    We digress. The point is Glo Gnomes are charming companions that are guaranteed to raise a smile whenever you clap eyes on 'em - especially when you look closely and see that they look a bit like Bill Oddie, Noel Edmonds and Anthony Worrall Thompson doing panto. If only.

    Speaking of comedy trios, Glo Gnomes are sold in sets of three (pink, blue and green). They even come with batteries included so they're ready to run straight out of the box.

    If you've long harboured a thing about gnomes (and who hasn't) but couldn't face sullying your lawn with the naff garden variety, Glo Gnomes are the perfect solution. All together now: hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we glow...

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