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Glitter Cranberry Sauce
  • Glitter Cranberry Sauce
  • Glitter Cranberry Sauce
  • Glitter Cranberry Sauce
  • Glitter Cranberry Sauce

Glitter Cranberry Sauce

We wish you a zesty Christmas

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  • A delicious new best mate for your festive meat
  • It’s cranberry sauce, but not as you know it!
  • Infused with a twist of orange and a splash of vodka
  • The perfect companion for every piece of your holiday roast
  • Look at that shimmer, condiments don’t get more spectacular than this


There's nothing as majestic as a big fat festive roast. A plate piled high with everyone's favourite bit of the holidays, plus a veritable mountain of glorious trimmings. But what sauce are you going for?

Problem solved. This cranberry sauce takes the biscuit, every time. Just look at it. It’s glittery! Packed with a mad level of edible shimmer, if this doesn’t scream “CELEBRATION!” at the top of its lungs then nothing does.

Amazing awe-inspiring jealousy-inducing looks aside, the key to this sauce’s deliciousness lies in the secret infused ingredients. Oh, you know what they are already? Looks like someone’s been reading the bullet points. You simply can’t beat the cranberry-orange-vodka combo. To be honest with you, we can’t believe nobody’s thought of it before.

Slip a knife-load of this sour sauce onto every asset of your roast for an instant improvement. Meat? Better. Roast potatoes? Perfect partnership. Sprouts? Suddenly tolerable. Pigs in blankets? On another level. There’s nothing that can’t be embettered by a helping from this jar of festive wonder.
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