Glitter Beard Kit
  • Glitter Beard Kit
  • Glitter Beard Kit
  • Glitter Beard Kit

Glitter Beard Kit


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  • Everything you need for shimmering facial hair
  • Comes in a super-stylish bag
  • Looks like you've been feasting on the blood of a unicorn


We moustache you a question, why don’t you have glitter in your beard?

We’re about to razor the stakes when it comes to having shimmering facial hair. It’s a cut above the rest, so take one on the chin and immerse yourself in shining sideburn glory. You'll be unsure at first, but it’ll end up growing on you.

This Glitter Beard Kit contains everything you need for gloriously glistening face fuzz. Simply apply the oil, slap on the included glitter and whisker yourself away to brilliantly bright bristles.

Become the shining beacon of any party, be festive all year round or vigorously shake your head to cover the person you hate in sprinkles of annoyance.

A beard shows that you’re a resourceful pioneer, ready and able to do manly things. So add in some sparkles, show off your stylish side whilst maintaining your masculinity. It also looks as if you’ve been devouring the blood of a mythical unicorn.

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  • "The recipient was mightily chuffed. A blingtastic 40th birthday beard to take down to the pub. What's not to love?"
    Dani - 2nd of May, 2016