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Gizmo Mug
  • Gizmo Mug
  • Gizmo Mug
  • Gizmo Mug
  • Gizmo Mug
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Gizmo Mug


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Gizmo Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Defeat the grouchy morning Gremlins with a cuppa
  • A quality ‘80s reference you can drink out of
  • Only 1 out of every 10,000 mugs are as pleasant to sip from as this one
  • Nice big ear handles for super comfy holding
  • Don’t chip him or Mr. Wing will kick off


Have those late nights out hunting down pesky Gremlins got you acting like you’ve been fed after midnight? Don’t worry, you probably just need your caffeine fix.

Fill up this magnificent 3D Gizmo mug with your brew of choice and you’ll be back to your adorable Mogwai self in no time. It’s so detailed that it might startle you into thinking Gizmo is really there with you. But then you’ll notice that his head is open and it’s full of tea and you’ll be back to boring old reality again.

Unfortunately he doesn’t have a cute little voice like the real deal but it’s for the best - hearing him giggle as you wash him out might get a little jarring after the third time.

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  • "This is ADORABLE! My flatmate thinks it's creepy but I love it. Novelty mugs are my weakness!"
    - 30th of March, 2020