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Gizmo Chia Pet

Growable gremlin

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  • Remember Gizmo? Of course you bloody do
  • Now he’s part of the iconic Chia Pet family!
  • Grow him his very own furry bodysuit out of leafy green chia
  • Worth it for the infinitely reusable handmade ceramic Gizmo alone
  • Comes with everything you need for three ‘rounds’ of Chia fun


Gizmo, the adorable, kind-hearted Mogwai from Gremlins, is cold and needs a new coat. Look at him, he’s shivering! Not really, but if you shake the handmade pottery Gizmo you get in this kit around a bit then you’ll get the same effect.

What were we on about? Oh yeah, he needs a new coat. And it’s YOUR job to grow it. He’s such a good little Mogwai, not remotely evil like the others. He deserves it. So pour those chia seeds and get to work fashioning a green-fingered layer of chia for this sweet little soul - it should be fully grown in 1-2 weeks!

This kit includes everything you need to give him a coat of lush, verdant chia fur - it can even be re-used indefinitely! Once you’ve had your wicked way with the three packets of seeds in the kit, you can replant it over and over and over with other suitable herby type plants, like thyme. Neat!

There’s only one downside: he doesn’t talk or sing. But that’s probably for the best.

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  • "Bought for dad as a novelty filler and he loved it! Keeps him occupied and it's an odd hark to something he loves :)"
    - 15th of May, 2019