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Gioteck AC-1 USB Ammo Clip for PS3
  • Gioteck AC-1 USB Ammo Clip for PS3

Gioteck AC-1 USB Ammo Clip for PS3


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    Looks like a regular PS3 game case

    Put your Jason Bourne skills to use and turn an everyday DVD case into an ingenious charging station for PS3 controllers. Sure, it’s difficult to imagine when he might need such a thing, but if he did, it would look just like the Gioteck AC-1 USB Ammo Clip for PS3.

    Disguised as a typical PS3 game case, it’ll nestle amongst your stacks of games when not in use. But when your controllers are running low on juice just pull it out, open it up, plug both controllers in and connect it to the nearest USB port. This crafty gadget will charge both pads at the same time and makes a great place to rest your controllers between games.

    The slick styling and Full Metal Jacket cover lend it a rugged, mercenary feel. And whether it’s folded closed or laid out flat it’ll look great on any desk, shelf or entertainment centre.

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