Gigantic Worry Eater
  • Gigantic Worry Eater
  • Gigantic Worry Eater

Gigantic Worry Eater

Monster Munch

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Gobbles up all of your biggest fears and doubts
  • Room for really massive worries (or loads of small pedantic ones)
  • Big appetite, terrible metabolism
  • Seriously, look at the size of him, think of the worries he's eaten
  • Used to be the official mascot for Blackpool FC


In this stressful world of ours there are small worries and then there are big worries – like the bogey man and terrorists n' that.

But there's no need to recline awkwardly on a leather couch and recite your inner-most woes to a complete stranger, just write them down on a piece of paper and ram them in the gob of this Gigantic Worry Eater.

This hulking beast is basically 100x bigger than a regular Sorgenfresser and he survives on a nutritious diet of your fears and doubts; just unzip his gaping mouth, feed him up and in the morning those worries will have vanished into thin air, digested by this powerful creature.*

He's got a truly insatiable appetite too so there's no need to hold back. Honestly, just look at the bleedin' size of him, think of the worries this gentle giant has already consumed – there is nothing he can't handle.

*this is an impressive but fictional power – it's up to you to remove your kid's worries, both from the Sorgenfresser and in the real world.

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