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Giant STDs
  • Giant STDs
  • Giant STDs
  • Giant STDs
  • Giant STDs

Giant STDs

Gotta catch 'em all

  • Chlamydia
    In Stock£9.99
  • Herpes
    In Stock£9.99
  • Syphilis
    In Stock£9.99
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  • Soft and cuddly venereal critters
  • Over a million times their actual size, you know when you've got 'em
  • Get that warm and fuzzy feeling (in a good way this time)
  • The safest way to give and receive herpes
  • All the cool kids have them


If you're going to catch a disease, it might as well be transmitted sexually. Or at least that's one way of looking at it. Granted your genitals may feel a little bit like they're on fire, but how can you stay mad at 'The Clap' when it's now so soft, cuddly and over a million times its actual size?

Based upon their microscopic counterparts, these Giant STDs are the ideal venereal critters to spruce up your sexually active bed chamber. At last they're a pleasure to spend the night with – giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling, in a good way.

This is your chance to give and receive 'Herpes' without the cold sores and lifetime of regret, to be riddled with 'Crabs' but without the relentless itching. All the cool kids have them and now you can too.

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56 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "I don't think anyone has been as pleased to get an STD as I was! When my herpes arrived in the post I was overjoyed!!"
    - 9th of May, 2019
  • "Everything you'd expect from a plushie STD. Absolutely brilliant."
    - 8th of May, 2019
  • "Good quality soft plush, very cute aswell "
    - 15th of April, 2019
  • "Absolutely fantastic toy that I sent to someone I’ve just started dating. He thought it was hilarious. Gift wrap wasn’t the best though. "
    - 13th of March, 2019
  • "Love these wee guys "
    - 6th of March, 2019