Giant Retro Sweets Tube
  • Giant Retro Sweets Tube

Giant Retro Sweets Tube

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    Giant Retro Sweets Tube

    Giant Retro Sweets Tube

    Things are just better when they come out of a massive tube. Just ask those Chilean Miners. So when it comes to sweet treats the whole family can enjoy, look no further than the Giant Retro Sweets Tube. Packed with all the old-school chewables you can get your teeth into, this bountiful drainpipe weighs an astonishing 2.2kg.

    Just pop the lid and scoff this selection of Love Hearts, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Candy Necklaces, Refresher Bars, Parma Violets, Sherbet Fountains, Fizzers, Drumstick Bars, Refresher Bars and Swizzel Double Lollies. And once you’ve emptied the tube you can use it as a didgeridoo or to announce that you’d like more sweets.
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