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Giant Prosecco Flute

Accept no half measures

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Giant Prosecco Flute
We made this! It's a Firebox Original!
  • Hate sharing bubbly beverages? This is for you
  • Retains the usual fancy flute physique – but it's absolutely enormous
  • Holds an entire 75ml bottle – never forget how much you've had
  • Perfect for extra special celebrations! Drink Prosecco like a boss
  • Way classier than drinking straight from the bottle
There are some celebratory occasions where all you want to do is just drape your arm round your best mate, shut your eyes, and drink merrily (and directly) from a bottle of Prosecco.

This isn't really the done thing – which is why you need the Giant Prosecco Flute.

This revolutionary drinking vessel retains the usual fancy flute physique but holds an entire bottle of the good stuff. Just make sure you drink it down before it goes warm and flat!

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