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Giant Piano

Why plink when you can stomp?

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    Re-enact the obligatory chopsticks scene from Big

    Re-enact the obligatory chopsticks scene from Big

    Playing the piano is fun but all that fiddly fingering business is far too taxing. Far better to kick off your shoes and stomp out a ditty on the Giant Piano. Nearly 6ft long, this truly humungous piano mat with built-in speaker is the ideal way to make a total Tom Hanks of yourself. Plink!

    Once you’ve had a good old giggle re-enacting the obligatory Chopsticks scene from Big, you can use your tootsies to pick out countless tunes on the Giant Piano’s 24 touch-sensitive keys. You can even play along to 10 preloaded songs, including Yankee Doodle, Toreador and Fur Elise. Who knows, you might even receive a job offer from a benevolent toy tycoon and spend the evening trampolining with a hot exec. Or not.


    Nearly 6ft long with built-in speaker

    London's Burning, London's Burning...

    "London's Burning,
    London's Burning..."

    As well as piano, this colossal keyboard features seven additional instrument tones: saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, harp, xylophone and guitar. Plop it on the floor at a party and you’ll be hearing discordant plinking, parping and plucking all night long. The neighbours will love it. If they don’t, simply fold up the whole shebang and hide it in the cupboard.

    Once you get the hang of dancing across the keys, Jerry mouse-style, you can record and play back your compositions (up to 80 notes). Ooh, yeah, Old MacDonald had a Farm!


    You can record and play back
    your compositions

    Strange though it may seem, there is something unfathomably addictive about perfecting a foot-based melody. It’s a bit like trying to memorise dance steps whilst playing the…er, piano. We’ve just mastered the EastEnders melody. Next challenge: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. So what are you waiting for? Put your foot on it!

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