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Giant Peropon Planters

Thirsty Work

  • Cat
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  • Dog
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  • Humongous ceramic critters that keep your plants hydrated
  • They soak up water through their happy saggy tongues
  • Includes everything you need to nurture your own plant
  • Dominate desks and window sills with their bulbous physique
  • Choose between Cat (Strawberry) and Dog (Wild Clover)
Since we laid eyes on the original Peropons we've yearned for something a little bigger to help us take care of our more adventurous houseplants. Our prayers have been answered by the Giant Peropon.

This chunky ceramic creature works in exactly the same way, only on a grander scale – just pop the plant in the top, add some water to the tray and the Peropon's humongous tongue will slurp up the water whenever your plant gets thirsty.

Choose between a heavy-set Cat (Strawberry) or an incredibly stocky Dog (Wild Clover). With their happy faces and bulbous physique they're certain to dominate your desk or window sill.

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  • "This is, frankly, the most adorable planter I think there can possibly be and I'm reconsidering gifting it. JUST LOOK HOW CUTE!"
    Timothy - 16th of December, 2016