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Giant Lava Lamp
  • Giant Lava Lamp

Giant Lava Lamp

Because size matters

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    Giant Lava Lamp

    Giant Lava Lamp in a tent with its regular sized lava cousins

    Why give your home or office wow factor when you can give it WTF factor with a Giant Lava Lamp. Utterly mind-blowing, these humungous, custom-built tubes of amorphous glowing gloop are made to order by Mathmos, inventors of the original, generation-defining Lava Lamp, and they are jaw-droppingly impressive. Oh, behave!

    Your eyes do not deceive you because Giant Lava Lamps can be up to two metres tall and 20cms in diameter. That’s big. Really big. The boffins at Mathmos will also design and fabricate the lamp’s metal base and cap to your specification before galvanising it or powder coating it in any colour you fancy. You can even choose the colour of the floating gloop.

    Install this ironic but iconic glass column in your pad/lobby/subterranean lair and we guarantee visitors will be totally mesmerised. Indeed, short of putting a retractable bridge over your freeform shark pool we can think of no better way to add an OTT touch of supervillain chic to your volcano-based abode.

    Although the science is similar, Giant Lava Lamps use a slightly different formulation to their smaller siblings and must therefore be filled on site. (The liquid will last approximately 2000 hours but refill packs are available). What’s more, once installed the lamp can’t be moved. This is heavy stuff!

    As you’ve probably guessed, the Giant Lava Lamp doesn’t come cheap. But if money is an issue it’s probably not for you in the first place. After all, anyone with the cojones to install a soaring tube of hypnotic blobbiness in their crib has got to be a massive banker, a rapper, a rocker, a striker or an extravagant gadget-fan with a penchant for towering symbols of success. They’re right, size does matter!

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