Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker
  • Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker

Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker

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    Start the family band!

    What better way to kick-off your Christmas lunch than with a humungous cracker? Especially when it’s filled with a bonkers mix of hats, sunglasses, trumpets, streamers, festive fangs (don’t ask) and more.

    Just gather your family round the dinner table and give the Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker a yank. Inside you’ll find the usual festive headgear, along with some snazzy specs to wear. Once you’re suitably attired, toot away on the simple horns and party whizzers or, for a more organised musical recital, give everyone their own miniature kazoo.

    Each numbered kazoo plays a unique note, depending on its size. With every member of the family in charge of at least one kazoo, it’s then down to an appointed ‘conductor’ to lead the music. Using the numbered song sheet, the conductor will point to each kazoo as it needs to be played. What should follow is a warm and fuzzy rendition of some Christmas classics, from Jingle Bells to O Come All Ye Faithful. However, the more likely result is a cacophony of badly-timed toots, giggles and general chaos.

    Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker

    Contains: 6x Party hats, 8x Party whistles, Conductor’s baton, Music sheet with classic Christmas songs, Party horns, Party blowers, Novelty sunglasses, Streamers, Festive fangs (don’t ask)

    If you’re looking for a way to bring the family together this Christmas, don’t just rely on your secret-recipe stuffing. Deliver a Giant Jolly Holly Party Cracker to the table and keep them entertained for hours!

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