Giant Jelly Belly Bauble
  • Giant Jelly Belly Bauble

Giant Jelly Belly Bauble

Ding dong jellybeans on high

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    It's a giant compared to the original Jelly Belly Baubles

    Tired of scoffing chocs at Christmas? Give the brown stuff a rest and wake up your taste buds with some festive jelly beans instead! And not just any old jelly beans. The Jelly Belly Giant Bauble is a festive decoration and wonderfully tasty treat combined.

    Hang this monster bauble anywhere around the house for a splash of vibrant colour. It looks great dangling from the ceiling or strung up in your window. And when Christmas is over and done with you can take it down and munch on the multicoloured lovelies inside. Om-nom-nom!

    The Giant Bauble contains a random assortment of beans from Jelly Belly’s 50 classic flavours, so there’ll be something for even the most discerning palette. But of course, how you eat them is up to you. Do you divide the flavours and eat them one at a time? Mix together some tongue-tingling combinations? Or pop a random handful in your mush and hope for the best? With all sorts of flavours, from cantaloupe to cappuccino, they’re the perfect sweeties for sharing with family and friends.

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    First I'll eat all the red ones and then the green ones..

    close up of beans

    Jam-packed full of Jelly Belly beans

    But when all the Jelly Belly jelly beans have gone, don’t go throwing this giant globe away. Why not save it until next year, when you can fill it with anything you like – popcorn, chocolates, mints, toffees or (here’s a thought) jelly beans! With so many Jelly Belly flavours to choose from this massive bauble can be different every year.

    The Jelly Belly Giant Bauble is presented in a clear plastic box and wrapped with a nifty branded ribbon, making it a great pre-Christmas gift or stocking filler. So ditch those scruffy old decorations this year and dangle something with a difference. Family and guests will agree; you’ve got great taste!
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