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Giant Hornet Honey

    Giant Hornet Honey

    Tell ‘em about the Giant Hornet Honey, mummy!

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      Honey is a miraculous substance which has been used as a natural sweetener by man (and bear) for many thousands of years. This wonder of nature is produced by bees, the workaholics of the insect world. You already knew that, we know. But did you know these incredibly industrious insects will fly up to 55,000 miles and harvest nectar from 1 million flowers to produce just one pound of glorious, golden honey? Just think of all that hard graft the next time you spread it on your toast!

      Hornet in honey

      Amazing though it is, you couldnÂ’t expect your friends here at Firebox to sell any old bee produce, could you? After all, thanks to the likes of Winnie the Pooh, honey does have a rather old-fashioned, saccharine image. For this very reason, weÂ’ve been looking for a honey with a difference, and one look at this particular pot of liquid heaven should tell you that weÂ’ve most definitely found it.

      Hornet eyes

      No, your eyes aren't deceiving you – that really is an enormous hornet suspended inside the jar. To be precise, it's a Giant Japanese Hornet (Vespa mandarinia), the largest species of wasp in the world. But what's it doing in there, we hear you yell. Well, entomologists believe that enzymes within the wasp's bulky body give stamina and energy to those who ingest them. In fact, Naoka Takahashi, who won the Women's Olympic marathon gold medal in 2000 attributed her success partly to her drinking "Hornet Juice" - a refreshing (but not particularly tasty) drink made from the stomach contents of these humungous hymenoptera.

      A hornet, yesterday

      Now, most people may not be too keen on the idea of drinking raw insect gastric juices. For this reason, the hornet has been skewered on a needle inside the jar, allowing the aforementioned enzymes to slowly permeate into the deliciously runny honey. The hornet itself is not edible – a good thing, because let's be honest, even though he's a rather attractive little chap, he is rather fuzzy.

      Scale shot

      Because of its fluid consistency, Giant Hornet Honey is ideal for stirring into tea or mixing with alcoholic beverages. Be careful though, there are few scarier things than a drunk person with bags of energy! It also works pretty well as a spread. Best of all, this fascinating product is visually stunning, nay shocking, and will grace any breakfast table or bar. In fact, Giant Hornet Honey really is the sweetest thing!

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