Giant Gummi Heart
  • Giant Gummi Heart

Giant Gummi Heart

Sweet beats!

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    Giant Gummi Heart

    Sweet heart

    Horror fans rejoice! Now you can relive (however briefly) all of your favourite heart-stopping moments with the Gummi Heart. Life-sized and made entirely of delicious cherry flavoured... er, gummi, this tasty treat looks just like a real human heart; right down to the valves, veins and ventricles. Sure, it’s no teaching tool; but it’s a great way to give your mum the heebie jeebies as you pull it pumping out of your t-shirt. Or better yet, serve it up as the centrepiece at your Halloween party.

    Weighing over 450g, this enormous bit of confectionery is best shared with friends. So gather them round and sing “Take it! Take another little piece of my heart now baby” until your table resembles a gory crime scene. With enough calories to power a whole playground, you’d best keep the crash cart on standby.
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