Giant Gummi Brain
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Giant Gummi Brain

What a sweet thought!

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    The Brain


    What happens if you eat too many gummi bears? Despite what your mum might tell you, you won’t get jelly on the brain. Which is a shame, because a wibbly wobbly noggin sounds like quite good fun. So the next time you’re on the receiving end of this stark warning, why not reply “sorry mum, it’s too late” and present her with the Giant Gummi Brain.

    Guaranteed to give anyone the heebie jeebies, this life-sized (ish) cranium makes a brilliant centrepiece at your Halloween party, or tasty accessory to a zombie outfit. Crammed with more calories than we care to think about, this bubblegum-flavoured behemoth weighs over 3kg. So gather your friends round and treat them to a piece of your mind. Mmm... braaaaaaiiiinnns.
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