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Giant Glitter Beach Ball
  • Giant Glitter Beach Ball

Giant Glitter Beach Ball

Having a ball

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Giant Glitter Beach Ball
We made this! It's a Firebox Original!
  • Absolutely massive glittery beach ball
  • Full of mesmerising giant gold sequins that swish about
  • Just like the inside of that bit of the Crystal Maze
  • But less stressful as you’re not trapped inside it
  • Much more luxe than those boring ones everyone has


For once in your life, don’t be the person who makes a mad dash to the rubbish beach shop to buy a similarly crap, saggy rainbow beach ball that won’t stay inflated.

Be prepared with this shimmering orb of wonder. It’s a ginormous beach ball full of big fat shiny gold sequins that swish and flitter around the ball like sun fairies. Perfect, really.

It’s nice and compact when deflated and can take a real whacking. Prepare for the most glamourous game of volleyball you can imagine, Louboutins optional.

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