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Giant Gin Glass

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Giant Gin Glass
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  • Saves you a trip to the bar
  • The world’s biggest gin glass, probably
  • Holds a WHOPPING 750ml of liquid
  • Proper, hard-wearing glass with a thick stem
  • Gin not included, unfortunately


“How much did you have to drink last night?” “Just the one.” But nobody needs to know that that ‘one’ was capacious enough to hold an entire bottle of gin.

Save yourself the endless trips to the bar or kitchen with this Giant Gin Glass. Intimidatingly large, this fine glass utensil holds more spirit and mixer than you can drink in one go. 750ml is a LOT. Pace yourselves, guys.

Don’t trust your gindulgent self with the responsibility of a glass of such majestic proportions? Share the love and whip up a fishbowl sharing cocktail. Bung some straws in and away you go, nobody will be crawling around the gutter at 3am after drinking an entire bottle of gin.

Pro tip: May we cheekily recommend you fill up your new Giant Gin Glass with the finest Unicorn Tears in all the kingdom? You don’t have to, of course, but we don’t know where else you’re going to find a shimmery spirit this glittery and premium.

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5 Reviews

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  • "Well made glass. Bought for my sister to let her hair down, and slurp herself silly when her twins are asleep, or with the grandparents."
    - 26th of February, 2019
  • "The Doctor said one glass a week right ... ? "
    - 16th of January, 2019
  • "Great for a stocking filler/small present for gin lovers"
    - 8th of January, 2019
  • "A great & well made product, unique & fun all things I love with Firebox."
    - 3rd of January, 2019
  • "My mum will love this as a Christmas present. "
    - 12th of December, 2018