Giant Easter Egg
  • Giant Easter Egg

Giant Easter Egg

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  • Feast upon a powerful chocolate behemoth
  • Weighs a monstrous 2.5kg, the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt prize
  • Decorated with large milky buttons & speckled with chocolate dust
  • More than enough chocolate to last you through Easter & beyond
  • A valiant hen may have died to bring you this egg, worth it though


We mourn the tragic loss of the brave chicken that laid it, but at two and a half kilograms there's no denying that this is a phenomenal creation. Why settle for a boring regular-sized Easter treat when you could have a Giant Easter Egg instead?

Standing proudly at 40cm high with a portly 30cm at its widest part, this monstrous ovum is made from thick, milk chocolate, decorated with white chocolate buttons and speckled with chocolate dust.

This majestic egg packs in a powerful 14,000 calories – so rather than shelling out on a trolley-load of flimsy little supermarket eggs, just sink your teeth into this towering Chocolate behemoth.
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