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Exclusive Deals

Giant Donut Candle

Donut adjust your set

Product not available at the moment.
  • mmMMMmmm... candle
  • Delicious sugary centrepiece
  • Covered in thick pink icing and rainbow sprinkles
  • Fifteen hour burn time
  • Tasty cinnamon aroma
  • Three wicks for a more even melt
Donut adjust your set.
Donut be afraid.
Donut pass go.
Donut judge a book by its cover.
Donut disturb.
Donut feed the salamander.
Donut give up.
Donut avert your gaze.

Three wicks. 15 hour burn time. Tasty cinnamon scent. Donut hesitate to purchase the Giant Donut Candle

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