Giant Beer Stein
  • Giant Beer Stein

Giant Beer Stein

Bigger is Better

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  • Feel like you're a mighty Bavarian booze-hound
  • Contains a hearty and generous 1 litre of ambrosial goodness
  • Puts a re-assuringly healthy strain on your wrists when full
  • Enjoy a leisurely bicep workout whilst consuming beer
  • Shapely Fräuleins and bratwurst not included


Picture this. A Bavarian mountain-top beer house. The air is crisp, but you're warm in your handsome over-sized lederhosen. Buxom Fräuleins meander about the place as you sit there, contentedly munching down on spicy sausage and swigging from your Giant Beer Stein.

Surely this is the way beer is supposed to be enjoyed. Granted the humble pint is a tried and tested measure, but now you can transcend these age-old drinking constraints. If you want to do any sort of justice to your wild boozy libations then it's up to you to suckle the amber nectar from this hearty and generous vessel.

This classic dimpled glass tankard contains a thirst-quenching 1 litre and is bound to put some healthy strain on your wrist and bicep each time you pick it up. It's a very leisurely workout and you're drinking large quantities of beer, what more do you need to know?

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