Giant Baby Jelly Mould
  • Giant Baby Jelly Mould

Giant Baby Jelly Mould

Baby I love you

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    Holding the Giant Baby Jelly Mould

    Rock-a-bye Giant Baby Jelly Mould!

    We all know that baby-shaped sweets are the cutest things in the history of confectionary-dom. Thing is they’re a bit too small to really get your teeth into. Enter, with a boo, a hoo, a waah and an ooh, the amazing Giant Baby Jelly Mould.

    Simply make up your jelly (using approximately two standard packs), pour it into this big red mould and pop in the fridge to set. Before you can yell ‘feeding time!’ you’ll be delivering a massive, wibbly-wobbly version of the gelatinous little babies we all know and love.

    Showing inside the Mould Putting the mould in the fridge The finished jelly shape!

    Fill the mould with your jelly mix

    Place in the fridge

    oh look it's a baby!

    Ideal for kids’ parties, baby showers and broody jelly fans, this jumbo bouncy baby is all set (geddit?) to stagger and delight guests with its ludicrous enormity and mesmerising wobble-ability. ‘It’s about your baby Mrs Jones… you see it’s flippin’ enormous and made of fruity jelly.’ ‘Ulp!
    Measurements of the Giant Baby Jelly Mould

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